Ring Necked Pheasant Adrian Johnstone Taxidermist

Have you found a dead specimen?

It is important to freeze the animal as soon as possible while it is still fresh. First of all put some cotton wool in the mouth if possible. Next wrap in kitchen roll, and place in a plastic bag in the deep freeze.

Next give me a call on 07745 399515 or send an email to adrianjohnstone@btinternet.com  for a quote and further information. 


Head mounts

If you want a fox, badger, deer or boar head mounted please leave plenty of neck skin on it when you cut it off from the rest of the body, right down past shoulders, then follow the instructions as above. Also please don’t slice up the front or the back of the neck. Thank you.

Sending frozen specimens

The best way to send them is “Special Delivery” at the Post Office, this is a next day service which arrives before 1pm next day.

First take the animals out of the freezer, and take them out of the plastic bag, then wrap it in a clean paper kitchen towel. Put them in a box, and if you have any polystyrene chips or loft insulation surround the bird with this to help keep it insulated.

You can store the box in the freezer until you are ready to send it; the deadline for Special Delivery is 4pm.

It’s best to send them midweek Monday to Thursday because delivery isn’t guaranteed on a weekend.

Price List For Commissions  – Specimen Supplied

Birds of Prey and OwlsCrow Family

Barn Owl £150

Crow £140

Tawny Owl £150

Jay £120

Little Owl £150

Magpie £120

Buzzard £195

Small Garden Birds

Kestrel £150£100 each
Sparrowhawk £150
Game BirdsDucks
Red Grouse £150Small Duck £160
Black Grouse £175Medium Duck £220
Partridge £140Large Duck £240
Snipe £140
Woodcock £160
Mammals Deer Heads
Hedgehog £150Red Stag Head £1200
Weasel £95Fallow Stag Head £750
Stoat/Ermine £120Roe Buck Head £295
Mink £180Sika Stag Head £750
Fox Head £275
Fox £450
Badger £450